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Dear friend,

I opened the Biospectrum․shop online shop so that my inventions could be available to you immediately after production. When ordering products and devices of the Biospectrum brand, you can be sure that you are purchasing an original, licensed product, and not a cheap fake.

Biospectrum․shop is a platform, where I can embody my philosophy of promoting new products, and you can quickly take advantage of the new developments of the Biospectrum brand - a very personal story of 35 years and the fruits of which I’m ready to share with you in my online shop.

Ashot Khachatryan

Honored Inventor of Russia and Europe, PhD, Honorary Professor of the Oxford Academic Union, Academician of RAMTS, RANS, NAS


Biospectrum․shop is an online shop of the owner of the Biospectrum trademark, MD, PhD, inventor Professor Ashot Khachatryan. We sell patented products based on more than 35 years of research in the international network of Clinics of Professor Khachatryan. The Biospectrum product line includes ionizers for drinking water, water-containing products and cosmetics, as well as other health accessories.

All products and devices presented on Biospectrum․shop are the work of life and the result of the inventive talent of Professor Khachatryan. The name of this scientist is known far beyond the borders of Russia. In 1998, by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Ashot P. Khachatryan was awarded the honorary title ‘Honored Inventor of Russia’ for many years of fruitful activity in invention and rationalization in healthcare. At 64, Ashot continues to invent new devices to improve the health and life of mankind, improve existing technologies, expanding the product line of the Biospectrum brand.

However, Biospectrum is also something more: a lifestyle, wellness training, conscious nutrition and a competent attitude towards oneself and one’s health. This is a whole philosophy and knowledge that the professor willingly shares with users of the online shop.
Biospectrum is:
35 years of research on water and the influence of its properties on a human body;
Patented products and devices that have been certified;
Professor Khachatryan's webinars on eco-friendly medicine and healthy nutrition.
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