Biospectrum harmonizing pendant

Biospectrum harmonizing pendant is created to protect a person from the destructive effects of the environment, electromagnetic radiation, normalize the functional activity of cells, systems (cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary, endocrine, immune, urinary) and the body as a whole. The harmonizing pendant is made of tuff, a stone of volcanic origin.
By wearing the Biospectrum harmonizing pendant at all times, you contribute to
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Improving sports performance
  • Increased libido and sexual activity
  • Manifestations of clarity, sharpness of thinking and memory
  • Normalization of blood pressure
  • Improved performance in sports
  • Strengthened immune system and protection against viruses and bacteria
  • Improved sleep, concentration and attention
  • Reduced headaches, pain in the joints and spine
  • Lower blood sugar levels

Biospectrum harmonizing pendant also helps to control balance in hemiparesis after strokes, improves blood circulation, accelerates the formation of new, healthy cells in cancer pathology, etc.

IMPORTANT! For low blood pressure, we recommend wearing the Biospectrum Harmonizing Pendant for 2-3 hours a day. It is recommended to remove the pendant at night. It is not recommended to wear the pendant during training and competition in high jump sports.
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The principle of work of the Biospectrum harmonizer pendant
The cells of the body are tuned to a single basic frequency - trillions of individual cells are synchronized with each other using a single vibration. Despite the fact that cells of different tissues have different contents that change their function, the cell membrane remains a universal transmission and exchange mechanism that generates an electrical potential at a certain frequency close to 100 kHz. All body frequencies without exception are tuned to this camertone. All frequencies of organs and tissues, any cycles, one way or another, are multiples of the basic frequency of the cells that make up the body. Moreover, the basic vibration frequency of cell membranes is the same for all living beings on this planet!

If we consider the structure of the cell from an electrical point of view, then it surprisingly resembles an ordinary electrolyte battery. The internal content of the cell, which is, in fact, an electrolyte, is separated from the external environment by a semipermeable membrane - the cell shell. This membrane is the active component of the cell. It accumulates an electrical potential, pumping and distributing calcium, potassium, sodium, chlorine ions on both sides of the membrane, creating their gradient. Then it selectively passes some of these ions into or out of the cell, releasing the accumulated electrical potential. An electrical impulse is generated. Such potential fluctuations occur at a frequency of 100 kHz, which is the basic vibration frequency of the cell membrane.

Sick organs and tissues vibrate at a frequency unusual for them. The Biospectrum harmonizing pendant restores the optimal charge of cells, and thus heals the cells and tissues of the body.


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