Hydrogen Soap

Hydrogen Soap is a unique product, hydrogen-saturated ionized soap for men, women and children from the line of hydrogen cosmetics of Professor Ashot Papikovich Khachatryan.

Hydrogen Soap contains a natural probiotic "Narine F - Balance", which contains natural metabolic products.
Lactobacilli inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic microflora and create an optimal pH environment on the surface of the skin, which contributes to its protection and prolongs youth.
Characteristics of Hydrogen Soap
  • Soap has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
  • Particles of natural minerals that make up the soap prolong the youth and beauty of your skin
  • Hydrogen soap activates the cells of the epidermis, starting the processes of their renewal and regeneration
  • Only natural ingredients are used in the manufacture of the product
  • Helps Relax Tight Muscles
  • The value of the negative charge of the foam after the start of the application of soap is -100 mV. This value of redox potential (ORP) protects the skin from free radicals, gives radiance and prevents the aging process.
Soap Hydrogen Soap is an additional means of preventing premature skin aging. Regular use of soap increases the local immunity of the skin, fights against excessive dryness and oiliness, returns the skin to a healthy and radiant appearance.
ATTENTION! Use as a daily face and body wash. Soap has a high biological activity. It has no world analogues.
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Ingredients: saponified coconut oil, stearic acid, betaine, glycerin, salt, sodium coco sulfate, perfume composition, water ionized according to the method of Professor Khachatryan, shungite powder, Narine F-balance probiotic, a mixture of trace elements (know-how).
Hydrogen soap
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