Hydrogen thermos - generator
Hydrogen Flask

Hydrogen Flask thermos is another miracle of Professor Ashot Khachatryan's Aquaspectr series of hydrogen generators, designed to activate and saturate water and liquid-containing products (juice, tea, coffee, milk, etc.) with active hydrogen ions and useful minerals.
Properties of a hydrogen thermos Hydrogen Flask
  • Purifies water from chlorine and heavy metals;
  • Destroys harmful bacteria;
  • Regulates the pH of water (pH = 7.5-9.5 units);
  • Gives the liquid antioxidant properties: ORP (-150) - (-650) mV;
  • Improves the palatability of the product;
  • Keeps the desired temperature of
    the activated liquid;
Composition: special metal alloy, 100% natural.


  • Body pH regulation
  • Normalization of digestion
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Fast recovery during sports loads
  • Neutralization of free radicals
  • Normalization of blood pressure and blood
    sugar levels
IMPORTANT! Water is saturated with active hydrogen (ionized) when its mineralization is from 0.15 g/liter. Distilled water, as well as water after a reverse osmosis filter, is poorly susceptible to ionization due to the lack of natural salts in it.
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The principle of operation of the hydrogen thermos generator Hydrogen Flask
With age, under the influence of the attack of free radicals, the oxidation-reduction potential of cells is disturbed, which leads to aging and cell death. The cell aging process accelerates the consumption of positively charged water and fluid-containing foods, the ORP of which ranges from +150mV to +450mV. Hydrogen Flask saturates the liquid with active hydrogen ions, changing its structure.

When entering the body, the liquid neutralizes free radicals and gives electrons to cells, charging them and providing energy to the body at the cellular level. As a result, full-fledged and natural renewal of human cells occurs regularly, which leads to healing and rejuvenation of the whole organism. The product also contains an information code (the result of many years of work), which allows you to synchronize the external and internal electric fields of a person and, as a result, harmonize information-exchange disorders in the body at the cellular and molecular levels.
Активным элементом водородного термоса-генератора HydrogenFlask является приставка из специального сплава металлов (авторская разработка), которая при соприкосновении с жидкостью начинает синтезировать гидрид ион (Н-).

The active element of the hydrogen generator Hydrogen Flask is an add-on made of a special metal alloy (author's design), which, when in contact with a liquid, begins to synthesize a hydride ion (H-).

As a result, the liquid acquires the most powerful antioxidant properties, and when it penetrates into the human body, it neutralizes free radicals, charges the cells, starting the processes of regeneration and restoration of their physiological functions.

Daily use of Hydrogen Flask will help cleanse the cells of the body and fill them with life-giving energy.

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