Hydrogen Beauty Case by Biospectrum Cosmetics

Biospectrum Cosmetics Hydrogen Beauty Case is a continuation of the Aquaspecter series of hydrogen generators by Professor Ashot Khachatryan.
Hydrogen cosmetic bag is an unparalleled unique device designed to activate and saturate liquid cosmetics and water-containing creams for face and body skin care with active hydrogen ions.
Mode of application

Place the liquid cosmetic into the cells of the Biospectrum Cosmetics device and the cream directly onto the activating surface inside the circle. Exposure time from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the consistency of the product. Apply to face or body as usual. A cosmetic product saturated with hydrogen ions activates the cells of the epidermis, thereby starting the processes of their physiological renewal and regeneration. The skin is whitened, becomes smooth and soft, wrinkles are smoothed out.
IMPORTANT! Only water-containing cosmetics are activated.
Creams that do not contain water are not activated.
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Care method

When a cosmetic product interacts with the activating surface of Biospectrum Cosmetics, active hydrogen is released, which, in case of frequent contact with metal, leads to its corrosion. In this case, the surface becomes cloudy and blackens, which reduces its activating ability. In this case, you should carefully clean the surface with a special knife attached to the cosmetic bag.
The principle of operation of the Biospectrum Cosmetics hydrogen cosmetic bag
One of the main causes of skin aging and wrinkle formation is that with age, under the influence of free radical attack, the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of epidermal cells increases from -100 mV to -50 mV, which leads to a violation of redox reactions. As a result, the cell acidifies, ages and dies.
The ORP of any cosmetic liquids and creams ranges from +150 mV to +350 mV. Being positively charged, such an agent, when applied to the skin, attracts an electron from the cells of the epidermis, thereby discharging the cell. Water-containing cosmetics placed in the cells of the Hydrogen Beauty Case are saturated with active hydrogen ions and change their structure, thanks to which they have a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body.

Composition: special, environmentally friendly alloy of metals, with a predominance of magnesium.
Biospectrum Hydrogen Beauty Case (-50%)
80 ($)
160 ($)

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