Hydrogen kettle - generator

Hydrogen Kettle

Hydrogen Kettle is a part of the Aquaspectr series of hydrogen generators by Professor Ashot Khachatryan. It is designed to saturate and enhance the antioxidant properties of water and water-containing products by changing their structure (oxidation reduction potential - ORP) without changing the chemical composition (pH).

The kettle has cooking functions:
  • Boiled water
  • Еggs
  • Loose tea
  • Rice
  • Fruit tea
  • Instant porridge
  • Buckwheat
  • Compote
  • Water for children
  • Can be used as a pitcher
Features of the Hydrogen Kettle:
  • Purifies water from chlorine and heavy metals
  • Destroys pathogenic bacteria
  • Regulates the pH of water (pH = 7.5-9.5 units)
  • Gives antioxidant properties to the liquid:
    ORP (-150) - (-650) mV
  • Сохраняет нужную температуру
    активируемой жидкости
  • Улучшает вкусовые качества продукта
Composition: special metal alloy, 100% natural.

Regular use of activated liquids contributes to:

  • Detoxification of the body, cleansing therapy, elimination of toxins;
  • Increasing resistance to stress, aging; chronic diseases, radioactive and environmentally unfavorable factors, infections;
  • Neutralization of free radicals;
  • Potency increase;
  • Improving the immune system;
  • Снятию похмельного синдрома;
  • Защите от онкологических заболеваний;
  • A significant acceleration of the motility of the colon, a decrease in the manifestations of gastritis;
  • Профилактике дисбактериоза (стимулирующий эффект для воспроизведения нормофлоры толстой кишки, бактерицидное действие на патогенную микрофлору);
  • A noticeable diuretic and choleretic effect;
  • Painless removal of sand and stones from the kidneys;
  • Reducing renal edema in nephrological patients;
  • Quick relief of the symptoms of allergic dermatitis;
  • Lowering blood sugar and cholesterol;
  • Correction of arterial pressure;
  • Normalization of the heart rhythm in arrhythmias and extrasystoles;
  • Painkilling effect in the joints;
  • Deep sleep and giving up sleeping pills;
  • Improving general well-being, reducing fatigue, psychophysical stress, increasing efficiency (general strengthening and tonifying effect), etc.
IMPORTANT! Water is saturated with active hydrogen (ionized) when its mineralization is from 0.15 g/liter. Distilled water, as well as water after a reverse osmosis filter, is poorly susceptible to ionization due to the lack of natural salts in it.
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Hydrogen Kettle working principle:
The principle of operation is based on the contact activation of water and water-containing media and products of various density and consistency. In this case, resonant microclusters of negatively charged hydrogen ions are formed during the activation process. Activated media and products are in direct contact with the surface of the hydrogen generator and turn into a metastable state, which can be called the structural, activated state of a particular medium. There is a change in the properties of the medium (ORP, microcluster structure). As a result, the activated liquid acquires restorative, antioxidant properties, the value of which depends on the structure of the activated liquid.
Hydrogen Kettle -
Hydrogen Kettle Generator
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