About Biospectrum Shop

Biospectrum․shop is an online store of the Honored Inventor of Russia and Europe, MD, PhD, Professor Ashot Khachatryan.We sell the best patented products of our manufacturing. They are based on 35 years of research on water and its effect on a human body performed in the international network of Professor Khachatryan's Hydrogen Medicine Clinics.

The Aquaspectrum and Biospectrum product lines include hydrogen generators for drinking water, water-based products and cosmetics, as well as other home-use health and hygiene accessories.

Biospectrum․shop – from invention to product

All products and devices featured in the Biospectrum․shop online store are a lifetime project and the result of the inventive talent of Professor Khachatryan.
However, Biospectrum․shop is even something more: a lifestyle, wellness training, conscious nutrition and a care of oneself and one's health. This is a whole philosophy and knowledge that prof. Khachatryan willingly shares with the customers of this online store.

Biospectrum is:
  • 35 years of personal research on water and the effect of its properties on the human body;
  • Patented products and devices that have been certified;
  • Professor Khachatryan's webinars on eco-friendly medicine and healthy nutrition.

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